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The Whole30 Rundown

Have you seen the Whole30 book in stores? Heard your friends at the gym talk about it? Stumbled upon one of their recipes on Instagram? Ever wonder what it’s all about?

The Whole30 book is a guide that helps you understand how your body responses to food, assists you in breaking unhealthy food habits, and gives you the confidence to make informed food choices — (sign of relief) FINALLY!

With the New Year approaching it seems like a great time to delve into the educational nutrition journey that is outlined in the Whole30 book. Keep reading for a ‘Coles Notes’ rundown of this book, and have some of your questions answered.

Before investing too much time into this book, you might be wondering is this 30-day guide right for you? To answer this, consider have you ever wanted to improve your…

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.44.00 PMIf you desire improvement in any of these areas, it is very likely that you could benefit from trying the Whole30 guide.

What’s refreshing about this guide is that it is NOT a DIET; it’s NOT about counting calories or weighing yourself. And it’s definitely NOT a short-term fix that only has short-term results.

It DOES support you in learning how the foods you eat truly effect your body. It enables you to change how you think about food, your body, and your life. These changes are achieved by eliminating common trigger foods from your diet for 30-days and eating as much real, whole, nutrient-rich foods as you like! Eliminating trigger foods, that often are calorie-dense and nutrient-poor, can provide our bodies with time to heal. After 30-days of healing you carefully reintroduce the eliminated food back into your diet (over 10 days), while paying close attention to how the foods impact your body and your quality of life.


Whole30While this book provides general guidelines, includes recipes and grocery lists, it is not a 30-day meal plan. Instead this guide gives you the freedom to make food choices that accommodate your food preferences, are viable within your food budget, and it allows (in fact it encourages) you to eat when you’re hungry (i.e. no starving yourself with this guide). Through this process you will learn to make educated food choices and become aware of your food attachment habits. By the end of this nutrition journey you will have the tools that you need to maintain your healthy eating habits (and lifestyle), beyond the 30-days.

Another unique feature of this guide is that it doesn’t sugar coat anything (literally and figuratively!). It takes a ‘tough-love approach’ and the authors openly admit that this program takes effort. They also do a great job to prepare you by providing an overview of how your psychological and physiological state will change and fluctuate over the 30-days.

Whole30-Timeline-COLOR-SmallerTo summarize, the Whole30 guide puts food in perspective by giving you distance to truly evaluate your relationship with food. Instead of just consuming food because it’s there, because we can, or because of our emotional state (sad, stressed, lonely, anxious, bored), this program helps you understand how different foods impact you (mentally, physically and socially) on a day-to-day basis. Doing so allows you to become more attuned to your body’s needs. Hence, this newfound perspective can empower you to make the changes you want to make, in your life. To learn more find a copy of The Whole30 and delve into it!

*** This is simply a brief introduction the The Whole30 book, it is not meant to replace to the book nor the advice of a medical professional.


Looking for some local support on your Whole30 journey?

Join us Wednesday January 2nd, 2019 at TnT Metabolic Igniters, Lacombe
or contact feel free to TnT Metabolic Igniters anytime


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