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Welcome to TnT Metabolic Igniters.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to inquire about booking one of our classes.

(403) 598-7213 #1 & 2-5372 Len Thompson Drive, T4L 2H3 Monday-Friday 5:00am - 6:00pm
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We love hearing about our member success stories. Here is what a few of our members have to say about their journey with TnT Metabolic Igniters!

Alan H

I just wanted to let you know that this morning's care and coaching were greatly appreciated. Every morning class has been awesome and I love our coaches. Today I felt like Tammy changed the whole program to accommodate our physical well-being! I felt like it was special human care that was given today, and I don’t expect what happened today, every day. I was very concerned that my back would spasm if I did things wrong this am, but it felt better and is nagging me about 5% right now. Thanks for your coaching and care, all of you.

Heather Pedersen

I have been going to TNT on and off since they opened their doors. When my life has gotten in the way of attending I have always missed the instructors, fellow participants, and the workouts. The great atmosphere makes the time fly by too quickly and I always look forward to the next day.

Jennifer Lamy

As a Professional Kinesiologist and a Certified Personal Trainer, I cannot say enough good things about TnT Igniters. You need to check this place out and experience the community for yourself! Tammy and Terry are passionate, professional, and caring coaches who are driven by excellence and a desire to see their members succeed. The atmosphere is energizing and they are able to push everyone just the right amount so they work hard, surprise themselves by what they accomplish, and stay safe. At TnT, members are more than clients; Tammy and Terry have formed a dynamic and inviting community. The members are as diverse as their goals and Terry and Tammy are able to modify according to each person's individual needs, goals, and fitness level.

Shawna-Lee Tout

Tammy and Terry are wonderful people. They are passionate about what they do and are very supportive to your fitness needs. I have been to many different classes/gyms and this one is by far my favourite. The training here is at level of none other for me personally, as every time I think I've reached my limit one of these two encourage me to dig a little deeper,and that is what is going to help me become the best version of myself.

Crystal LaRose

I never thought I could have so much fun and become part of such an amazing group of people by working out and keeping healthy!! I absolutely look forward to my sessions each week. They can make any day brighter!!

Krista Rae

I love TnT! The small classes and direct attention you receive here can't be beat. Tammy and Terry will help you push yourself to levels they know you can reach, even if you don't know it yet. I always leave sweaty and accomplished!

Susanne Schweer

I have been with TNT since they started this amazing adventure they are on, and I haven’t looked back once. Tammy and Terry go above and beyond to accommodate individual needs, and modify if needed. They are always positive and get to know each persons strengths as well as their struggles, but they help get you through them. They have a way of pushing you further, even if you think you’re done! Every workout is different and challenges you, so you never get bored. Always look forward to walking through the door to see what they have in store for a kick butt workout!

Stacey Thompson

Who would have thought that I would want to get out of bed at 4:45 am just to go the workout? ME!!! TnT has small groups that enable Tammy and Terry to provide quality service with the added personal training that is contoured to fit any level of fitness, age, and health. This is not to say that it is “easy” by any means, but I show up to work out knowing that I am being “taken care of” and always leave with a smile on my face!
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