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Tammy Dick

Tammy Dick

Fitness Coach

lives in: Lacombe, Alberta
education: (NP) Certified w Nutritional Institute of Canada, (PT) Certified w Canfitpro, (PN1)Precision Nutrition, NCCP Level 1 Coach

About Me


I grew up in a farming and ranching setting.  Being physically fit was not something we thought about, it was a way of life. Rodeo and 4-H were my hobbies.  After high school, I spent a valuable year working as a therapeutic riding instructor. I needed to have a ‘career’, so like any other young woman with the gift of gab, I entered the cosmetology world.  I went on to have success in the industry, owning my own business and training apprentices and colleagues.

During this time, while also raising my family, I had a life-changing freak accident.  I spent weeks on crutches, sitting on the couch, medicated, and feeling sorry for myself.  After several visits to specialists and hours of rehab therapy, I was told I would have to find another profession.  I was also told I shouldn’t stand for extended periods and would not be able to run or hike.  During this time I gained a lot of weight and was at the lowest point in my life.  I had gone from being a very active, hard-working person to an obese, depressed woman with a very bleak future.  


I started walking. A lot. Then I decided if I could lose some weight I would be able to go to the gym. So I did. While at the gym I had been watching a personal trainer coaching her clients. She was awesome! It was the first time I realized someone older could be so fit. Even though I was intimidated I eventually took a huge, life-changing step and hired her. She inspired me to participate in any activity I “darn well” wanted to. I didn’t have to be the best at the activity, I just needed to participate.
That inspiration has guided me to summit several mountains, learn to slalom ski, and snowshoe, join a roller derby team and compete in Spartan races.

Have I had more injuries? Yes. Will I continue to be active? Absolutely!!


I love seeing people’s faces once they realize they too can “darn well do it”. My education is ongoing and my commitment to staying active helps me to help others.

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